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Based on a NATO-fielded Mercedes-Benz Zetros Truck, our next-gen logistics vehicle offers unlimited capability based on a common chassis for the Tractor, Heavy and Light configurations.

Using the Zetros Truck as the basis for our LVM program solution means the chassis and most of its subsystems, as well as the up-armoured ‘swap-out’ cabins, are all more than 90% common.

This means fewer parts, lower training costs, less logistics, and a lower overall life-cycle cost to Canada than running two completely different fleets.

Commonality Drives Overall Cost Reductions

Over 90% commonality across vehicles.

Up to 50% life-cycle cost savings.

37% reduction in inventory, logistics and warehousing costs to Canada.

25% reduction in operator and maintainer training.

High commonality provides a reduced logistics footprint which enables approximately 50% life-cycle cost savings because of efficiencies in training, maintenance, spare parts and tools, warehousing, shipping and inventory management, technical manuals and more. A common platform will ensure Canada will realize the lowest possible operations cost over 20 years.

The resulting high commonality of our LVM solution provides savings to Canada with a common logistics footprint, lower procurement management and ongoing supply chain burden, increased training efficiencies, and reduced cost of technical data and obsolescence management.

All roads. No roads. On all roads, in any weather. Off road in demanding terrain.
No matter where. No matter how far. You can count on Zetros for logistics vehicle needs.

Deployable Infrastructure

Providing modular, scalable protection in the most challenging environments and extreme climatic conditions.

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