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General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, Marshall Canada, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler Trucks), SOFRAME, and Manac Inc. have joined together as The Power Team to develop Canada’s Future Logistics Vehicle as the solution for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) Program.

With over 40 years of fielding Canadian military vehicles, General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has a proven capability of supporting our armed forces over the long haul. Recently, we successfully completed the upgrade of the Canadian Army’s LAV III fleet, providing it with a flexible, multipurpose capability to effectively respond to a full range of operations, ensuring that the LAV remains the backbone of the Canadian Army.

General Dynamics has assembled the ideal team with the qualifications and pedigree needed to fulfil the requirements of the LVM project. Each team member brings years of experience, a commitment to innovation and proven track record of delivery.

As a LVM project qualified supplier, General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada leads a team of highly qualified partners to provide the best value for Canada’s logistics vehicle investment. The Power Team is a partner the Canadian Army can rely on to support its needs now and far into the future.

For more than 100 years, Marshall has specialized in protecting people in critical situations. Recognized as a world leader in deployable infrastructure, Marshall has been producing high-quality, custom-built modules and pods for military customers across the globe.

Our proven track record in design engineering, supply chain management and manufacturing excellence has won us a reputation for being able to manage complex, large scale programs to the highest possible specification within the available budget.

Marshall has established a long and proud relationship supporting the Canadian military. Our ongoing commitment to growing our Canadian footprint, providing highly skilled manufacturing jobs and driving value into the Canadian economy makes Marshall a natural partner for the LVM program.

Mercedes-Benz Defence Vehicles offers a vast product and service portfolio in all military payload classes and for every customer need. Our wide range of highly capable tactical and logistics vehicles have payloads ranging from 0.5 to 110 t and gross combination weights up to 250 t.

As a member of The Power Team, Mercedes-Benz brings the latest generation of the Zetros – the most powerful and versatile platform designed to provide military users with the best solution for reliability, durability and ruggedness under the most adverse climate and operational conditions. Mercedes-Benz trucks rely on a unique worldwide service network. Trucks you can trust.

Manac Inc. is Canada’s largest and most diverse manufacturer of specialty trailers, with the widest product offering in the industry. Their product line includes vans, flatbeds, and specialty trailers such as dumps, low beds, grain hoppers, chassis, and chip and logging trailers, all of which are sold in Canada and the United States.

Based in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Manac has 5 production plants in North America, 120 dealer locations, and 75 independent authorized dealers. As Canada’s number one trailer manufacturer, Manac takes pride in its complete “life-cycle” offering – from design and manufacturing through to sales, service, and financing.

As a member of The Power Team, Manac brings the best trailer minds and capabilities together, utilizing the expertise and diversity of each ensuring that the Canadian Army will receive the highest quality product.

SOFRAME is the defence and security subsidiary of private French Group LOHR. For more than 55 years the LOHR Group has been a global specialist in the design, manufacture, and marketing of transport systems of goods and people. Since its creation, SOFRAME’s objective has been to design tactical, logistical, and support solutions for security and defence through the creation of customized vehicles.

SOFRAME’s expertise, design and testing resources, combined with modern tools and the LOHR Group’s research and development department, ensure that SOFRAME maintains a leading position in its specialized fields. This also allows SOFRAME to continuously develop its skills in the integration of land combat platforms and guarantees its ability to lead innovative projects in the fields of mobility, protection, and logistics.

As a member of The Power Team, SOFRAME, recognized for its know-how in the protection of military users, brings its skills to the service of the Canadian Army.

Introduction of the Extended Power Team Family Members

Broshuis is a mature and established supplier of defence transport solutions globally and has executed successful programs for the U.S., Dutch, British, Belgian, and Danish armies. Broshuis products are integrated in ten (10) different defence systems and thousands of corporate and commercial systems around the world.

With an experienced team dedicated to defence projects, Broshuis will manufacture the Heavy Tank Transporter Trailer (HTT) in support of the LVM Power Team.

As a partner to the LVM Power Team member, Manac Inc, K-Line Trailers Ltd. brings a wealth of custom transport equipment design and manufacturing experience to the LVM Power Team. In business for over 30 years, K-Line is a global supplier of transport products across a variety of sectors including the Defence industry. Specializing in Lowbeds, Multi-axle Heavy Haul Trailers, Specialty Transport Trailers, Wind Blade Trailers, and Mining Equipment K-Line, will design and build the LVM Heavy Equipment Trailer.

A partner to the LVM Power Team member Manac Inc, Gerry’s Trailers brings over 30 years of industry knowledge to the LVM project. Drawing on its experience working with the Canadian Department of National Defence in contractual sales, rentals, and service agreements, Gerry’s will be providing program management support to the LVM MANAC Inc. and K-Line Trailer projects.

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